Basic Foundations – Interview with founder Alex Hayes

Charities make impactful changes and raise awareness on the global issues, getting us to look at the bigger picture. We all know Greenpeace and Oxfam and we’ve been in contact with a non governmental organisation at some point in our lives, but there are a few charities that are not promoted enough despite their extraordinary contributions, so on this note we would like to highlight their work and encourage you to get involved! Basic Foundations has done a few amazing projects such as building a garden for disabled in Gambia and setting up a free medical camp in India for manual scavengers.  Read the interview below with the original founder, Alex Hayes, to find out more about their work.

Can you tell us how you started out Basic Foundations?

Basic Foundations was set up by myself and two friends when we were in Kenya in 2010. We had spent the day visiting a number of projects around Nairobi and ended the day at Magodo which was a school for 650 students from the nearby slum and also a home for around 65 orphans. They were under threat of closure due to the very poor condition of their sanitary block (toilets and showers). Without the school so many children wouldn’t get an education and we decided to set up the charity in order to help Magodo and projects like it around the world.

What motivates you to do the work?

Seeing the results of other projects. Sometimes when everything is very busy it can be hard to be motivated, but when we see the results of projects we have done, such as medical camps in India, supporting a school in Mozambique or providing support after the earthquake in Nepal, it provides all the motivation we need.

How do you work out the projects you want to fundraise for?

We are lucky to have contacts all around the world who recommend projects to us and we try to be proactive as much as possible. Some of our trustees work overseas and they are able to scope out new projects we can help.
We also get applications from organisations which we judge together as a trustee board to see if we can support them.


What’s the most rewarding project you’ve done so far?

For me the most rewarding project was the first we completed in Kenya and this is because I got to spend two hard weeks working on this. As I mentioned, they were under threat of closure and during my time there we had a visit from a government official who was delighted with the work. He had been visiting to give them notice of closure but now this wasn’t necessary and they are able to go on educating children.



What is in the pipeline for your charity?

We are always looking for new projects and new ways we can raise money to be able to support them. Over the next few months we have two brave people running the London marathon for us and are scoping out a new project which is likely to be in Madagascar as one of our trustees is currently based there.


How can people get involved to volunteer, help out or donate?

There are lots of different ways to get involved with Basic Foundations. We are always looking for people to support us by fundraising in all sorts of ways. Running, swimming cycling or another else. All suggestions for challenges and events are always welcome and we can help you organise various events.
Donating is also easy and as a volunteer run charity we have very low overheads meaning your donation would help the projects we work with. Just click here to go through to our Just Giving page!

Please visit their website here