Coral project by Shuley Begum

How did you come up with the idea for the Coral project? 

The Idea of a coral installation made up of several 100 bottle lids and pieces of plastic had come from the awareness of the Great Barrier Reef  facing ‘slow starvation’ due to ingesting and consuming micro plastic, thus resulting in the coral being damaged and slowly deteriorating in health. I wanted to create a statement and installation statement addressing the issue of coral deteriorating in the hope of making people aware of the issue and making them think twice about throwing their plastic bottle lids into the sea.

What materials and mediums do you usually work with?

I usually work with graphics and illustrations and 3D sculptures as part of my research process. However, I try to extend my practice by using a range of 3D  materials when I am experimenting, as I believe the research process in 3D holds just as much importance as the final product being 3D.

Similar artists who work around the same subject? 

A similar artist within the subject of ‘Coral Pollution’ is Courtney Mattison who is an ocean activist in the hope of creating work inspired by the coral reefs to conserve the oceans and seas. I also looked at Dave Chihuly, in particular ‘Seaforms’, which had motivated me to work with lighting and the shape of the Natural coral forms. I had achieved this through my use of texture with various differ sized bottle lids and the combination of straws.

If you could choose a song that would go with the installation what would that be?

I think the sound of the ocean would make a delighting touch to the coral installation in a dark room with the coral piece being illuminated by the lights underneath. After several moments of oceans waves and the peaceful smooth and clam atmosphere, it would be nice to play these sounds in reverse order/ backwards, with the aim of creating dysfunction and disorientation.

What about a smell?

I think the smell of ashes would be a heavily influence in the atmospheres, with the aim of creating a dangerous scenery.

What is your message for people in 3016?

My message to the people of 3016, is to have fun on holidays, but to look after lands which is ours! Don’t throw plastic into the oceans or else you wont be able to see coral reefs while scuba diving and snorkeling!