Dear diary…Lost in translation by Mihaela Andreea Andrei

“Dear diary..Lost in translation “ started out from my homesickness, frustration and missing people, places that where familiar to me. After a short time spent between corporate jobs and art jobs. I wanted to change something. My mother was in UK when I decided to take that step and move abroad. In the first couple of weeks the western society hit me like a snowball rolling down a hill. I didn’t grow up in the communist Romania, but in the after effect of the fallen and fading red Romania known as communism. Bucharest it’s my hometown and my love forever. Since London and UK managed to adopt me halfway, I’m still logging for my old fashioned with communists blocks named Bucharest. After two years of living abroad I still have this itch of joggling between Bucharest and London. My western side doesn’t want to let go of my Eastern European side. And in a way, I’m grateful for that. I’m proud of my Eastern European side. I think the fact that in a world where globalisation it’s a burden we still have our identity as a nation. We still fight for out traditions to be kept without being touched. I want with this project to connect much better with my eastern side. I want to let people know that traditions are not bad and that globalisation is just a small matter in this huge ocean.