Interview with Enrica Borghi

What is the first ever artwork produced by you?

1992, a photo artwork realized burning dias and films. I was attracted by plastic materials burnings, then I transfered my art ideas on PET bottles.

A book or poem that would describe perfectly or close to perfection your work?

Leonia, one of the proses collected in the “Invisible towns” by Italo Calvino and “White noise” by Don De Lillo.

What is the message of your work?
I want to describe the chances of transforming that are inside the matter, above all inside our waste. Tell the infinite varieties of ricycling process.

What inspires you?

I have been always inspired by supermarket, commercial centres and hard discount markets… then the great areas where men collect waste. I'm interested on the methods of collecting and stocking garbage before starting the waste disposal and recycling processes. The store of our daily ruins inspires me...and the female creativity too by tips on magazines, bricolages and a world generally considered with intellectual low profile and ready for the dump...

Credits: Enrica Borghi